Knocking balls off the table

If you take a shot and miss everything on the table, hit the wrong ball, or just make a fool of yourself you lose your turn and the game continues where the balls lay.  If you are knocking balls off the table often then the following applies.

Please keep in mind that the balls are expensive and we don’t want to be buying them over and over because you feel the need to hit them with the force of a speeding bullet.

If for any reason the cue ball or object goes off the table you lose your turn.  This means that catching the ball in the air or on the floor still results in loss of turn.  Loss of table may result if you don’t catch the ball and we notice you doing this more then a couple of times.

Any Cue ball that leaves the table should be wiped off as needed and returned to the table where the next shooter can place the cue ball anywhere behind the second row of diamonds at the end of the table that the cue ball was located when the rack of balls was broken at the start of the game.

Any object ball that you hit like a crazy man should be placed back on the table where the head ball of the rack was without moving any balls.  If the ball won’t fit then place the ball directly behind without touching the cue ball if it’s in the area.