House Rules

Please Respect our equipment at all times!

The bar and it’s staff work hard to provide a place for you and your friends to enjoy “a few pop’s” and have fun playing pool if you choose to.  To better provide a good and safe playing surface for everybody without downtime we ask you to please do the following.

Do not sit on the table.

No masse or jump shots.

No fighting or arguing period.

Do not set drinks on the table.

Do not eat over or on the table.

Do not drop the cues on the floor.

Do not drop the balls on the floor.

Do not hold the cue like a weapon.

Keep the chalk on the table for others to use.

There is no sleeping on or under the table at any time.

If you’re going to use the hand chalk please wash your hands.

Sex on the table is strictly prohibited unless it’s with the owner.