These are the unofficial Bar Box Rules.  There is often a lot of confusion about what rules to be used when playing pool in a bar.  A bar Box is a pool table in a bar and should not to be confused with a pool hall that has a bar.  This site will set out a standard set of rules that can be called or used and referenced online in the bar.

Please keep in mind that your in a bar and not a pool hall and hopefully your drinking.  Drinking is something world-class players all know is not good for your game.  That said we are not playing by any of the rules they might use.  These rules are intended for people to “have a few pop’s” and have a fun playing pool.

The original description of “Bar box” is a coin-operated table that is smaller than 7 feet. However, as times have changed these rules apply to any size table that is located inside a bar. If your bar has a brand new 9 foot “precious stone” table or other 9 footer then these rules apply.

Attention Ladies

The guys aren’t going to show you how to make a bridge and take a proper stroke.  Just watch this great video series and learn how to make a bridge, the proper stroke, stance, and more, created by one of the pool world’s most famous female pool players  .

Click here for to watch them