Owning the Table

The Bar really owns the table and the bar wants the cashbox to be getting filled up as quickly as possible and with a minimum of downtime.

You are welcome to “own” the table while you are doing one of the following

    • Paying an hourly rental rate
    • Have money inserted in the table

You do not own the table when your group is done trying to beat you and another group wants to come along and insert their money in the bar’s table and not play with you.

Anyone putting a quarter or more down on the table is enough to call the next game and the players involved.  After all, they are paying and they own the table just like you.

Please stand away from the table and let the bar use its table to hopefully get someone coming back to play again…  Maybe they will even play you.

Bottom line, the person with money in the table or a rental bill to settle owns the table.

Failure to comply could result in any of the following

    • being asked to leave
    • Getting barred for a period of time
    • Getting barred for life if you repeat it