Calling Shots and Slop

Slop happens when you’re trying to make one ball and it goes into an unplanned pocket or another of your balls goes in unexpectedly.   If you choose to “Play Slop” it means your turn continues if you get lucky and one of your balls goes in.  Slop is also when you just hit the balls and hope one goes in.

Slop must be called at the start of the game by saying something like “No Slop?” or “Are we playing slop?” while referencing the pool table.

Most Bar Box tables don’t allow you to spot a ball making the ball that was pocketed count regardless of any agreement at the start of the game.   Only if the players have agreed to play slop at the start of the game will the player making the slop shot continue his turn.  We might not know what they are shooting at, but they can go on.

The default for a Bar Box table is no slop and you MUST call your pocket.

Calling your shot by default means describing any combination shot and what pocket the ball should go into or what ball you are going to shoot into which pocket.  for example: “one in the corner” or “one into the two into the corner” while pointing the tip of your cue at the destination pocket.

Always make sure to call your pocket!

Unless agreed to in advance, bank or kick shots and the bumpers and facings your ball may hit do not need to be called unless you want to call attention to the really cool shot you’re about to try.