Safety shots

Traditionally bar box style pool is a game where you are expected to make your  “best-effort” to pocket a ball.  When it comes to safety shots your not making your “best-effort” and very often upsetting the person on the receiving end of the shot.  This has lead to a lot of problems and fights which by playing these “Bar Box Rules”  will hopefully resolve by adding a safety rule, with a twist!

Safety shots are allowed however you must hit your ball and drive a ball to the rail.  If you do not drive a ball to the rail it is a foul.

A foul results in loss of turn and the cue ball is placed anywhere behind the second diamond at the end of the table opposite of where the rack of balls was originally. You are not allowed to hit any of the balls behind the second diamonds without hitting a bumper first. The target ball must be completely past the second diamonds.

If you are attracted to the person you are playing they are allowed to play safe.